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The Biomat Store Online: What is a Biomat?

The Biomat Store Online

Thousands of health and wellness professionals the world over have been visiting the Biomat Store Online for our renowned allnatural products and therapies. The Biomat Companyhas been selling Biomats in the United States and abroad for more than a decade our eStore. We are proud to say the Biomat has also been featured in many books and other publications. 

Some of the most celebrated medical doctors, holistic practitioners, integrative medical doctors and even yoga instructors and acupuncturists have come to depend on the high quality and functionality of our Biomats, in addition to other influential items that can be found at The Biomat Store Online such as Alkali-Life Water products and accessories and Quantum Energy Pads. 

Our Biomat Store Online is where so many people have found all of our Biomat products and product information readily accessible and informative. The Biomat Store Online is providing the perfect combination of the world’s most remarkable technology with optimum results.  

At The Biomat Store Online we believe that health conditions should not define your life, and that a future free of drugs with crippling side effects is truly possible. As the number one seller of the Richway Biomat and Richway Biomat accessories, customers of the Biomat Store Online have valuable access to our breakthrough research in Far Infrared, Negative Ion and Amethyst Quartz Therapy.  Over the years we have built up relationships with medical practitioners who are in the pursuit of an integrative and holistic option for healing.  

What Is A BioMat?  

Created over 20 years ago, the Biomacombines the best of both Eastern and Western medicine in order to alleviate your short-term stress while promoting your long-term health. Customers and practitioners can easily adjust the settings of the Biomat to address specific health concerns, then lay down on the mat for improved health on a cellular level. Thanks to our Biomat you can restore, rejuvenate and unlock your greatest human potential! 

Although there are many imitators, there is only one original Richway Biomat, which uses certified natural crystals and can pass our rigorous EMF testing with flying colors.  Trained and skilled technicians who form part of the Richway family handcraft Biomats. The reviews from Biomat Store Online customers are consistently five star and they are amazed at the improvement to their health and wellbeing when using the Biomat regularly. Thousands of people have been celebrating the profound benefits of the Biomat for detoxification, more healing and allnatural pain relief.  

The two components behind the BioMat are nature and technology. By replenishing your body with negative ions, you can strengthen your immune system and experience relief from aches and pains.   

 The success of the Biomat is thanks to our unique patented technology that uses a threefold Synergism approach, which is far infrared light, negative ions, and the natural power found in amethyst. The three healing components are: 

  • Far Infrared Rays: These rays can penetrate 80 times more deeply than other kinds of heat, and the far infrared lights are amplified by the amethyst to increase blood circulation and calm nerves. These healing beams of light enhance the immune system, reduces stress and fatigue, relieves pain, eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation and swelling, and reduces soreness through direct action on both free nerve endings in tissues and on the peripheral nerves. 
  •  Negative IonsNegative Ions are like a breathe of fresh air! They are found in nature, lush forests, beaches and waterfalls. Exposure to negative ions will offer can improves immune function, relieve pain and elevates moods, clears out free radicals from the body, help rid built up acids creating better alkaline balance, purify blood, revives cells, and opens communication channels between all cells and parts of the body.
  • Amethyst Quartz CrystalThis is nature’s powerful transformer acting as an energy conductor”, Amethyst offers the steadiest delivery of beneficial far infrared light waves and the highest vibration frequencies into the human body. It’s a detoxifier known to assist in releasing toxins and balances and stabilizes energies, improves sleep patterns, detoxifies the body and deepens Delta State of Relaxation. 

Visit he Biomat Store Online For The Biomat & So Much More! 

The Biomat Store online is committed to offering scientifically proven, allnatural products that provide safe, effective relief to muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and stress.  

We place customer satisfaction at the highest value as we aim to help people live healthier and more productive lives. If you are dissatisfied with the purchase of your product from TheBiomatstore.com for any reason you can simply call our Customer Service to make arrangements for the return.  At The Biomat Store Online we are proud to donate a portion of our profits to health-related charities and non-profit organizations, and we greatly thank you for helping to make these donations possible by ordering your Biomat and Biomat products from The Biomat Store Online.