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Liquid Collagen - BioMat e Store

Liquid Collagen is a Liquid Miracle

As we age, our bodies slow down the production of collagen by 1% each year, typically beginning in our 20’s. Why does this matter? Because collagen is our body’s most important structural protein, the “glue” that holds our bodies together. This vital protein is a large component responsible for connecting the tissues that compose tendons, ligaments, muscles and skin.  Liquid collagen...

The Importance of Gut Health and Taking a Gut Health Supplement

The body is full of illnesses and viruses, yet, it does an incredible job of fighting off unwanted bacteria. However, there are healthy bacteria that live within your system, and they’re simultaneously known as microbiomes. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of gut health, gut microbiomes, and taking a gut health supplement to assist.   Why is Gut Health and a...

What are the Perks of Using an Infrared Amethyst Biomat?

If you haven’t heard of an infrared Biomat, now is your time! This powerful combination of sacred healing and modern technology is turning heads and taking names! What could be so powerful about such a mat that it’s receiving worldwide recognition? The Biomat helps, in essence, people to reduce stress and find balance in their busy lives. Since 1997, the...

Biomat Benefits

The Biomat Store Online: What is a Biomat?

The Biomat Store Online Thousands of health and wellness professionals the world over have been visiting the Biomat Store Online for our renowned all-natural products and therapies. The Biomat Company has been selling Biomats in the United States and abroad for more than a decade our eStore. We are proud to say the Biomat has also been featured in many books and other publications.  Some of the most celebrated medical doctors, holistic...

Amethyst Biomat Benefits

Living Healthy and Painfree with Biomat

Want to be healthy and pain free? Well, now you can thanks to the many transformative benefits of the breakthrough technology of the BioMat. Our Biomat is a revolutionary healing tool that brings harmony to a world filled with discord. It is not only ideal for health care professionals, but anyone who is on the path to improving their overall health and wellbeing. The unifying therapies of light,...

Richway Biomat

Is Liquid Collagen the New Must-Have Supplement?

You’ve heard the word thousands of times. Collagen. Its presence is well-known in the health and beauty industry, yet, this time, it might actually be warranted. There are plenty of supplements and ideas out there that are hyped up, but don’t necessarily deliver. Liquid collagen, on the other hand, might give those other products a run for their money. There...