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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that people must be healed from their wounds, renewed in spirit, recovered from illness, enlightened from ignorance, and saved from pain.  

How long has the BioMat been in use?

The BioMat has been in use since 1997, NASA had the technology patented since the 1960′s and it became public domain in 1997. A similar device that was not easy to use was $500,000 and sold only to cancer institutes. Now we can have this FDA medical device in our homes for pennies a day.

Where are the BioMats manufactured?

All Richway BioMats are manufactured in Korea and shipped from U.S.A.

Do the BioMats come with warranty and what if it stops working?

Richway believes in their products and this is why all their products include a manufacturers  3 year limited warranty and 30 year repair plan package! Plus, for the lifetime you own your BioMat, you have the option to trade your Bio Mat back to Richway and they will credit you 30% of it’s original purchase towards the purchase of a new product of your choice.

How long after I place my order will I receive my products?

Regular orders within North America are processed and shipped within 10-14 days via UPS. You will receive an order confirmation receipt with an RI# for warranty registration and distributor opportunity, immediately after you place your order to the email you provided on your order form. Within a week you will receive a tracking number to the same email address from UPS. Sorry but we cannot deliver to a Post office box. Shipping address must a physical address and billing and shipping address must be the same at time of order. Change in delivery can be changed after UPS attempts a first delivery or you can arrange for a pick up if preferred.

Will I be charged customs or duty on the BioMat if I live in Canada?

All BioMats delivered within Canada will be charged a nominal $10CDN brokerage fee + tax at your provinces tax rate on the value of the product you are purchasing. Ie. Ontario 13%. Alberta 5% B.C $12% etc… There will be no additional charges. You will be required to pay the required tax to UPS at time of delivery.

Do you ship Internationally and is the BioMat available in different volts to meet other Countries electrical requirements?

The BioMats are available on special order at no extra cost in 100volt, 110volt and 220 volt and Richway ships Worldwide at very low International shipping rates.

When was the last time the BioMat was upgraded?

The BioMat was improved upon in November 2012 and there was also a small price increase in May 2013. See current price list.

The Amethyst BioMat 7000mx now comes with a powerful new layer that provides strong Negative Ions and Magnetic reaction – the TOCA layer (TOurmaline CAtch power). This additional layer provides a much greater output of negative ions produced within the BioMat by 300 ions per cubic centimeter . The controllers were also upgraded to a more sleek modern functional design and improved durability. Initially the improvements also included the new Bio Clay washable BioMat covers, but these have been discontinued as it was found the original white 100% cotton padded cover was more effective with a longer shelf life

Do I need to purchase a distributor kit to become a distributor of your products?

Richway requires all new distributors to pay a one time registration fee of $80USD to be a distributor of their products. A personal purchase of $1500 minimum is needed to acquire the business centres needed to build a business. Ie. Professional BioMat would give you 3 business centres. These business centers are needed to qualify and attain higher levels of earnings and bonus payouts offered through Richway’s compensation plan. If you do not envision building a business, our customer referral program is a great way to earn back money on your investment as well as our trial center program.

Can I put it on top of my bed? Can I put it on my coach? On the floor? On a chair?

Yes, many people put their BioMats on top of their beds on a regular mattress. You can put it under your hugger sheet to integrate it into your bed. Some people place it on one side of the bed so they can alternate between the BioMat side and the regular mattress. You can also lay the BioMat on the couch or on the floor. If you are wanting to contour it into a chair, the Mini BioMat is the best option, because the bigger sizes are designed to lay flat, but the Mini BioMat can bend. Put natural fabric blanket in between the BioMat and memory foam mattress.

Can you put anything on top of the BioMat or will this disrupt the benefits?

You may put anything that is a natural fiber on the BioMat. For example a cotton feather bed, sheep skin, cotton sheets, wool blankets, etc. This does not lessen the effects of the BioMat. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or foam toppers are not recommended as they can block some of the beneficial far infrared energy from penetrating your body. Synthetic fibers can also counteract and neutralize the negative ions emitted in the BioMat. The new Quantum Energy Pad is a perfect compliment to your BioMat that will not disrupt the benefits and will provide added comfort.

Can I wash the cotton pad cover?

Yes, the white cotton cover is washable. You may additionally cover the BioMat with a cotton sheet or a towel when you do the sauna setting. There is also a waterproof cover available for the Mini BioMat and the BioMat Professional.

Can I put my Bio Mat underneath my memory foam mattress?

No, you will block the benefits of the BioMat by putting it under your memory foam mattress. The Quantum Energy Pad is the ideal way to add comfort to your BioMat and it will only enhance the properties of the BioMat.

Can I use it more than once a day?

Yes, you may use it many times throughout the day. Some people enjoy using it 15 minutes every few hours. It is safe to use for extended amounts of time. It is important to ease into it, listen to your body, and drink lots of water because your body will be detoxifying during the process.

Is it ok for my animals to go on it?

Yes, animals love the BioMat. If they are going to be on it for long periods of time, be sure to keep the settings on the green or low gold settings, as it can be difficult to monitor their hydration on the higher levels. If you are using it therapeutically for an animal and want them to be on the higher settings, consider using an oral syringe to get extra water into them during the process.

What setting should I put it on for first time users?

The green settings or up to 2 yellows is a nice first time experience. It is good to gauge how warm would be enjoyable and select your settings accordingly. Just power on is only negative ions, which can have a cooling effect. As you select higher settings you are choosing how much far infrared warmth you’d enjoy. The high red settings are the sauna setting. Often used to detoxify and sweat.

Does it emit harmful EMFs? Is it like an electric blanket?

Some people worry about the correlation of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) frequencies and the BioMat. The BioMat is registered with the FDA as a medical device with 510k status. As such, the BioMat had to undergo numerous safety and performance tests, including electro-magnetic field safety. Electro-magnetic frequencies naturally exist in many things, even infrared rays. What makes an EMF harmful is when the hertz level is less than one million. The infrared ray is 20 billion hertz, which is not harmful. Since the BioMat is an electrical device, the manufacturer incorporated a feature into the mats that block 100% of harmful EMFs caused by electricity. The Ac current is transformed into a Dc current before it enters the BioMat. Then the Dc current pulses through a Kuare carbon ceramic super fiber. Nasa discovered how to create far Infrared material so that the astronauts could utilize the reflection of their own body heat to reflect with the ceramic kurare super fiber with Dc pulses. This proved effective in keeping the astronauts healthy, safe and warm in space. They released their patent to the public and we use that technique to generate far Infrared rays.

How long can I lay on it? How long is it safe to use it for?

You may safely lie on it indefinitely as long as you are well hydrated and keeping your head on a pillow (the amethyst/tourmaline pillow is recommended).

It is best to start off slow (10 minutes to a half hour) on the green setting for a couple days and work your way up to 1 hour + sessions on the gold settings. Eventually you may choose to sleep all night on the BioMat on a low green setting. (If you fall asleep on the BioMat on higher than green, you will likely wake up in a sweat, which can be uncomfortable, so best to keep it on the green if you will be on it long-term.) There is no limit to how long you can be on the BioMat on the green and low gold settings. Treat the higher settings (high gold and red) as you would a sauna, being sure to drink lots of water and limit your time to 1 – 1.5 hours at a time since this setting usually stimulates a lot of sweating and detoxification. It is generally recommended to do the high settings once a day, but for deeper therapeutic uses, you may use it 3 -4 times a day in 1 hour intervals.

Please note: We recommend anyone with difficulty moving or changing positions while seated or in bed to use the Biomat with low heat only (95F-113F) or negative ions only, for no more than 12 hours per day. Persons with generally poor health or weakness, paralysis, injuries or illnesses that requires bed rest or wheelchair use, sedation, or coma are more at risk for bedsores (pressure sores).

Can we combine it with other healing treatments?

The BioMat compliments many other modalities. Massages on the BioMat are astounding. The BioMat is also a great compliment to rolfing, acupuncture, chiropractic, facials, manicures, pedicures, dentistry, energy healing, reiki, pain clinic, etc

Is it ok for my kids to go on it?

It is wonderful for kids. It can really settle down and soothe a cranky child. It’s best to keep them on the green and low gold settings, and there is no limit to how long they can be on it. Be aware of not letting them sleep directly on it without a pillow for more than 15 minutes or so to avoid overheating the head. Encourage them to drink extra water to ensure they are hydrated. Sometimes when I feel they have had enough and won’t drink water I slyly turn it off and they continue to feel cozy.

Does the Mini BioMat work the same as the larger BioMats? Can I get the same benefits?

Yes, the Mini BioMat has exactly the same settings as the bigger BioMats. You can get the same benefits. The main advantage of the larger models is that they will cover the entire body and they have a larger output of infrared and negative ion properties due to the size difference which may be useful for certain therapeutic purposes. The Mini BioMat and the 8 crystal Bio-Belt are both great for using around the home or office, on localized areas of the body and great when used with the full body size BioMats.

Is it ok to put it on the high setting the first time I use it?

Many people think highest is best. This is not the case with the BioMat. Starting in the green and lower gold range is a gentle way to begin exploring the benefits of the BioMat. If you feel anxious on the BioMat or experience a healing crisis please note that is normal, but it may be best to take a break from the BioMat for a day or two and drink lots of water (lemon juice squeezed in water is great too) so you can rehydrate. Learn more here about what to expect when adding the BioMat to your health care program.

Can more than one person go on it at one time?

Yes, you may share the BioMat with others and with pets too.

How do I avoid getting dehydrated while on the BioMat?

Ideally, drink a big glass of ionized water before. Regular water is ok too. Sip water during your session and drink extra water after your session. The Alkal-life water ionizer is a great way to add alkaline water to your diet.

Can I sleep on it?

Yes, you can. Many people enjoy sleeping on the low green settings and the timer on the BioMats are a great way to set the required time for this particular use.

Is it ok to check as luggage on a plane?

Yes, the BioMat Professional and accessory pillow weighs under 50 pounds so you may check it without and an over-weight charge. The Mini BioMat will also work as a carry-on. Using the BioMat is a wonderful way to avoid jet lag.

Do the crystals hold the energy of the users? If so, how can I clear the energy?

The far infrared rays are pumping through the crystals. This ensures that energy is not stagnating on the BioMat. If many people have used it you can turn it on high for 15 minutes to clear the energy and to sanitize your BioMat.