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The Benefits of Using Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are naturally in your body. They are small proteins that help your body to process and break down the food you eat. The breakdown allows the nutrients in your food to absorb the good parts and get rid of the bad. There are people out there who, unfortunately, have a low count of proteins. This leads to the lack of absorption of minerals and nutrients. The solution is to take plant-based digestive enzymes in order to digest food smoothly. At The BioMat eStore, we offer enzyme supplements to help our customers live a healthier life. To learn more about the benefits of using plant-based enzymes, keep reading!  

Choosing Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Over Animal-Based 

All digestive enzymes derive from either plant-based or animal-based sources. Animal-based enzymes are effective only part of the time, when a specific pH level is in range. The enzymes need an acidic environment to flourish, which is found in the stomach. Alternatively, plant-based enzymes act earlier, and no animals are harmed in the making!  

Aids in Lactose Intolerance   

Millions of Americans suffer from lactose intolerance, making it challenging for them to enjoy certain foods and drinks. Generally speaking, lactose has a hard time properly digesting, but digestive enzymes can help lactose intolerant individuals enjoy their favorite desserts without the frequent trips to the bathroom.  

Aids in Gluten Intolerance  

Wheat products are complicated on the digestive system, so it’s no wonder that millions of people face a gluten intolerance issue. A plant-based enzyme can help facilitate the digestive process, so that the substances can be broken down more steadily and completely.  

Aids in Food Allergies  

Allergies come in many shapes and sizes, but often, people endure food allergies. The reason for the allergy is simple: the body’s immune system detects a florigen substance and reacts, usually negatively. While it’s unwise to consume foods one is allergic to, plant-based protein enzymes can assist!