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Insurance Application

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What is a Biomat?

The BioMat is FDA and Health Canada Licensed

Our Richway representatives are available to guide you through the insurance application process and provide you with a medical receipt. We do not process any insurance claim forms. Therefore, the medical receipt we provide must be submitted by you or your health care provider directly to your insurance company.

Insurance Application Form

It is no guarantee that all claims submitted will be approved, due to the variety of plans and benefits available. You are under no obligation to purchase if your claim is not approved.  Approximately 90% of auto and workers compensation insurance companies will approve the BioMat and pillow after an auto or work-related accident in particular for pain management and increased circulation. Filling in this form you are giving us consent to provide you with a pro forma invoice to submit to your Insurance Company. We do not share your information with any third party or use any of your information for any other purpose than for the pro forma invoice. Any questions or concerns please contact us directly.

Amethyst Biomat Benefits

Insurance Steps:

  1. Have your doctor write a prescription recommending our products. Please specify item name and size. If your doctor is not aware of far infrared and negative ion technology, provide Richway BioMat flyer found here.
  2. Fill in our APPLICATION FORM above and we will provide you with a medical receipt to submit with your Dr’s Prescription and Health Insurance Claim Form to submit to your Insurance provider.
  3. It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up with their insurance company regarding the approval status.
  4. If approved, the insurance company will send a check payable to Fuji Bio Science, Inc. If the patient receives the check payable to both themselves and Fuji Bio Science, Inc., they will endorse the check and forward it to Fuji Bio Science, Inc. The check must reference the RI Number from the Richway Order Form. The RI Number is located on the top, right hand corner of the medical order form receipt.
  5. After Richway receives the check, the order will be processed and products will be shipped to the patient.
Insurance Approval Procedure
Biomat Billing Codes