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Orgone Biomat® FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Biomat® is a medical device for the temporary relief of joint, muscle and arthritis pain.

The Quantum Energy Pad™ is designed for those who find the Biomat® uncomfortable to rest on. It adds extra negative ions and requires no electricity.

​The Orgone Biomat® is the combination of both products and is designed to be slept on.

Available Sizes: Queen and King

Does the Orgone Biomat® produce more negative ions and infrared rays than the Biomat®?

Both products produce similar amounts of negative ions and infrared rays. 

Is the controller for the Biomat® and the Orgone Biomat® interchangeable?

For safety purposes – no. The Biomat® controller is designed specifically for the Biomat®. The Orgone Biomat® controller is designed specifically for the Orgone Biomat®.

Can I put the Orgone Biomat® on top of the traditional Biomat®? Would I then get the benefits of the traditional Biomat® too?

Do not stack the Orgone Biomat® on the Biomat®. Combining the two does not increase the benefits and can damage either product. 

Can I use the Quantum Energy Pad® on the Orgone Biomat®?

Yes, for added comfort, the Quantum Energy Pad® may be used over the Orgone Biomat®.

Can I use the Orgone Biomat® on an adjustable bed where you can raise and lower the head and foot end?

Yes, the Orgone Biomat® can be used on an adjustable bed, as long as the angle does not exceed 135°.

Does the Orgone Biomat® have the same warranty, trade in, return and repair policy?

The Orgone Biomat® also comes with our return policy, three-year limited warranty, and 30% trade in option. If you are only requesting repair service on the outer microfiber, there is a different repair charge. Please refer to our Repair Service Policy for more information.

Who should not use the Orgone Biomat®?

Do not use the Orgone Biomat® if you have any of the following conditions: 

  •  Person with organ transplant 

  •  Person with high fever 

  • Person with cognitive disability 

  • Person with skin problems i.e. insensitivity to temperature change 

  • Person with acute disease, acute tumor, external pacemaker, the visually impaired, and any heart problems 

For other conditions, please check with your primary care physician before using the Orgone Biomat®. 

Can Infants and toddlers use the Orgone Biomat®?


Since amethyst is fused to the Amethyst Fabric Layer of the Orgone Biomat®, will the crystals fall off or break down over time and create a powder or similar reaction? Or are the crystals already in a powder form?

Our Amethyst Fabric is made with a technique called microencapsulation. The amethyst is fused to the fabric and will remain with regular use. This technology allows us to have a lighter and more comfortable mat.

What is the recommended heat setting for sleep?

Heat settings are a personal preference. However, low temperature burns can occur if using the Orgone Biomat® for a prolonged period. Use with caution when the controller is set to 104°-158° (40°-70°). Stop using the Orgone Biomat® if burns or blisters occur. Please refer to the user manual for complete cautionary measures.

The Orgone Biomat’s® controller layout is confusing.

The controller may be confusing if you do not own a Queen or King Biomat®. It was designed to be used while sitting on your bed. If your back is against the headboard and feet facing the footboard, the right side of the controller will operate the right side of the mat and vice versa.

Since the Orgone Biomat® contains Bio Clay memory foam, do I have to worry about any odors from off gassing?

If you do notice a slight smell when turning it on, leave it in an area where it can air out for 24 hours.

Is the Bio Clay memory foam part of the memory foam anti-trust class action lawsuit?

No, it is not. That lawsuit pertains to price fixing by several manufacturer’s in the United States.

I use a bed which allows me to adjust the firmness electronically. Will the Orgone Biomat® affect my comfort setting?

Yes, since the Orgone Biomat® is on top of your bed, you will not be able to notice your original programed setting.

How does the Orgone Biomat® compare to other foam mattresses?

The Orgone Biomat® is unlike any mattress topper. It is made with Bio Clay memory foam and is thick enough to support your body without feeling like you are sinking into it. The Orgone Biomat® emits negative ions and infrared rays for a good night’s rest. On cold winter nights, you can warm your body without having to heat the entire room.

Can the Orgone Biomat® be placed on any mattress?

It can be used on most mattresses. Do not use the Orgone Biomat® on water beds or mattresses which have materials sensitive to heat. Contact the manufacturer of your mattress or refer to the user manual for your mattress if you are unsure. 

Since the Orgone Biomat® is lighter than a Biomat®, why is the shipping cost the same?

The shipping cost is the same due to its size. We ship through UPS, and they determine shipping cost based on “package dimensions,’ which is the amount of space a package occupies. This is often referred to as dimensional weight.

What is the serviceable life of the Biomat?

The serviceable life of the Orgone Biomat® is 5 years.