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Plant Based Digestive Enzymes and Your Body

Do you ever experience issues with digestion? Do you have a difficult time recovering after an intense workout? Do you have trouble focusing? Maybe you just want a healthy way to enhance your natural beauty. If any of these scenarios apply to you, plant based digestive enzymes can help. If you are not familiar, enzymes are proteins comprised of amino acids that are naturally produced in your body and are crucial for most cellular functions and biochemical processes. With over 3,000 types of enzymes identified in the body, each provides a different and specific function vital to maintaining good health. As we age, our bodies steadily decrease the amounts of enzymes produced by about 13% each decade, as early as in your late 20’s.  

Benefits of Using Plant Based Digestive Enzymes 


The role digestive enzymes play is fairly simple. They aid in the breakdown of food into usable nutrients and they eliminate waste. When we eat cooked or processed foods, the nutrients lack usable enzymes, and are therefore, more difficult for the body to digest. Foods that are left raw or uncooked do retain those ever-so-important enzymes and are much easier for the body to extract nutrients from. However, a raw diet isn’t necessarily realistic or sustainable for most people. Because the majority of us are regularly consuming cooked and processed foods, plant based digestive enzymes can’t play the very crucial role of providing extra assistance to the body in extracting nutrients and maintaining excellent gut health. 

Healing and Recovery 

With the help of proteolytic enzymes, plant based digestive enzymes can protect against illness, aid in workout recovery, and promote faster healing from injuries. Proteolytic enzymes serve the role of removing debris and helping to alleviate inflammation, allowing your body to heal faster. These enzymes activate the mechanisms necessary to increase circulation, oxygen and nutrients to traumatized muscle tissue, thereby speeding up the anti-inflammatory process of healing. 

Providing Natural Energy and Focus 

During these days, we most rely on stimulant energy to navigate our daily lives. However, digestive enzymes can provide a healthier solution. While stimulants such as coffee, sugar and highly-caffeinated drinks can provide immediate energy, they do so at the expense of our adrenal glands, posing a threat to our hormonal system. Natural energy provided by digestive enzymes can eliminate the jitters often caused by stimulant energy, offering you clarity and control without the energy crash. 

All of the benefits provided by plant based digestive enzymes are available to you in the BioMat e-Store. With five unique enzyme supplements from Tranont Health, improved digestion, faster healing, and natural energy are accessible when you visit the BioMat e-Store. To learn more and begin your journey towards a healthier life, contact us today at 844-246-628.