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Bioamethyst Cushion


The Bioamethyst cushion is a comfortable cushion that offers a simple natural infrared boost. It contains 17 rows of amethyst crystals to provide a crystal energy boost. The luxurious microfiber cover is softer than silk and easy to clean.

**Please note this is not a Biomat and produces no heat. It is a cushion only.**

Biomethyst Cushion


  • Office
  • Cars
  • Meditation
  • Travel

The Bioamethyst cushion features:

  • 17 rows of amethyst crystals
  • Peach and grape seed layer to enhance infrared rays
  • Luxurious and silky soft microfiber cover
  • Generates no heat and requires no electricity

Please note this is not a Biomat and produces no heat. It is a cushion only.

Dimensions: 18″x18″x2.5″
Weight: 4.4lbs

New Portable Amethyst Infrared Cushion

The outermost layer of the BioAmethyst cushion is a finely woven cover, composed of extremely fine fibers of polyester. Finer that silk, the BioAmethyst cushion’s exceptionally smooth and soft-to-the-touch texture won’t irritate your skin! The BioAmethyst Cushion’s tightly woven structure is great for resisting moisture and pollutants. The high thread count helps the BioAmethyst cushion resist certain surface defects like pilling, so you don’t have to worry about those tiny balls of lint coming loose.

Start taking your BioAmethyst cushion with you on the go!

Is your car seat giving you trouble? Is your work chair feeling uncomfortable? Is your seat killing you? In a typical work day, most of us can find ourselves sitting up to five hours a day. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, in a rush or relaxing; we all want our days to be more comfortable and convenient. Add a little extra support wherever you need it. The BioAmethyst cushion is a soft, lightweight, and durable cushion. It’s simple to wash, and it’s easy to take on the go.

The BioAmethyst cushion provides comfort all year long

The BioAmethyst cushion is great for any season. The BioAmethyst cushion’s microfiber cover helps it resist water so you don’t have to worry about it sticking to your skin when it’s hot. The BioAmethyst cushion’s thin and tightly woven threads help insulate the cushion, perfect for those cold nights to keep your seat warm.