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What are the Perks of Using an Infrared Amethyst Biomat?

If you haven’t heard of an infrared Biomat, now is your time! This powerful combination of sacred healing and modern technology is turning heads and taking names! What could be so powerful about such a mat that it’s receiving worldwide recognition? The Biomat helps, in essence, people to reduce stress and find balance in their busy lives. Since 1997, the Biomat has helped thousands who suffer daily from joint pain, muscle pain, and anxiety. Now, you’re probably wondering how something as simple as a mat can even help individuals with arthritis. Keep reading to learn more about the amethyst Biomat and what it can do for you!  

How Does an Infrared Amethyst Biomat Work?  

First, let’s take a look at the science. Infrared rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which has been studied for years in regard to health. It strives to represent the same feeling of energy we receive from the sun. For example, the heat from the sun is mimicked using these infrared rays. The positive energy we receive from the sun is being mimicked as well. The sun does wonderful things for the human body, and without it, a person can severely suffer. The infrared mats benefit muscles, cells, tissue, and even increases circulation. Imagine a deep tissue relaxation station, and that’s the Biomat!  

Another interesting fact about the amethyst Biomat is that it carries negative ions. While negative ions may seem like something one wouldn’t want, its actually exactly what people are craving. Negative ions are found in natural environments such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, and oceans. Instead of walking to the beach, why not enjoy the enchantment from the comfort of your own home? The Biomat also comes with microfiber technology which is made of a three-dimensional structure. It does an excellent job of self-cleaning, absorbing moisture, and remains soft for years to come!  

In addition to the amethyst Biomat, The Biomat e-store also offers a bioamethyst cushion which is perfect for meditation and sitting at one’s desk day-to-day. The cushion carries 17 rows of amethyst crystals, infrared rays, low heat generation, and its light enough to travel with you everywhere! If you’re ready to add mats and cushions to your home or office, then now is the time! At the Biomat E-Store, we have over 15 years of experience, and we’re a certified Richway Distributor. We offer a seven-day risk-free trial, a three-year warranty, and a 30-year repair plan. If that’s not something to celebrate, we’re not sure what is! Contact the Biomat E-store today to see how we can help you improve your well-being at https://www.thebiomatestore.com