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What is a Biomat?

What is a Biomat? 

Have you heard of the incredible Biomat? If so, then chances are you’re curious about their benefits! First and foremost, it’s important to understand what a Biomat is, and how it can better benefit you today, tomorrow, and in the future. The Biomat is an FDA approved medical device that uses infrared lights with negative ion technology. If that sounds advanced, that’s because it is! The Biomat is also infused with the crystal amethyst, which brings more restful sleep, peace, and therapeutic results in the comfort of your own home. Let’s dive further in!  

Benefits of a Biomat: What is a Biomat? 

The Biomat is made up of 17 layers. The first layer is silicon-urethane with cotton, making it easy to clean. Then, to make clean up easier, there’s a waterproof layer beneath. The third layer consists of an amethyst layer for transferring natural infrared rays, and so on. As you can see, the natural ingredients are not only aiding in a person’s overall health but also their wellbeing.

The Biomat offers a handful of extraordinary benefits including pain relief, improved circulation, and cardiovascular functions, increased metabolism, the decrease of joint pain, diminishment of stiffness, a better night of rest, glowing skin, and an overall feeling of being balanced. The Biomat is terrific for all walks of life, but it aids in those suffering from injuries magnificently. The reason being is that the technology combined within the Biomat offers rapid relief for muscles, as well as regeneration. If a person is sick consistently due to their low immune functions, they can find a bit of an immune boost with the Biomat.  

While the Biomat brings good vibes and better bodily function, it manages to be a Far Infrared Sauna at the same time. Far Infrared Saunas can be quite expensive, but the Biomat offers the same effects for a sliver of the price. While generating 6.8 microns of infrared, a person’s psyche and glandular functions benefit. You might read that the Biomat uses strong AC currents, which aren’t healthy for the human body. Fortunately, the innovators of the Biomat considered these issues and created a 5-tiered buffering system which works to convert AC into a DC current. A DC, or direct current, is much better for the human body. Infrared helps promote better blood flow, which then encourages better circulation and energy.   

If you’re feeling tired upon waking, worn out during the day, or your body isn’t in the best shape, perhaps it’s time to try something non-invasive, and FDA approved. Infrared impacts the body in positive ways, bringing hormonal balance, decreasing inflammation, the removal of toxins, regulating skin tone, and so much more. For a mat that is comfortable and efficient, try The Biomat E-Store today! You can find our website at https://www.thebiomatestore.com and see how we can help you recover, rejuvenate, and reactivate. With over 15 years of experience, why trust anyone else? Contact our team today at 1 (844 )246-6288 for additional information.