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What is the Difference Between the Original BioMat and the BioMat Mini?

The BioMat is a revolutionary therapeutic product that has been helping thousands of people manage their pain with its amazing healing properties and the power of healing gemstones like amethyst and tourmaline. Now imagine the powerful therapeutic effects of the original BioMat in a new compact, and easy to travel format for on the spot healing or on the go therapy anytime you need it.

Here are some differences between the original BioMat and the BioMat mini:

  1. Heat Settings – The original BioMat has a few more heat settings than the Mini BioMat.
  2. Controls – The original BioMat’s controller is just a bit larger than the mini, which makes the BioMat controller the perfect size to slip into your purse for pain control anytime it’s needed.
  3. Crystals – Another internal difference is that the BioMat mini has the added benefit of containing alternating rows of amethyst and back tourmaline healing stones. In contrast, the original BioMat original is fitted with amethyst throughout. Tourmaline is also a natural crystal with many of the same healing properties as amethyst.
  4. How it’s Used – The original BioMat is larger, so it’s intended for use on a bed, massage table, or even the floor. TheBioMat mini can be used on a chair and is small enough to be wrapped around your leg or back like a giant heating pad for more direct heat and therapeutic connection.
  5. Size – The Richway BioMat Mini, measuring  20” X 33”, is a bit smaller than the original BioMat which measures 28” X 75.”

How can the Biomat Mini relieve my pain?

Thousands of people all over the United States have found relief with the Biomat and the BioMat Mini. These remarkable products have been shown to effectively relieve pain from arthritis, hip and knee pain, migraine headaches, even menstrual cramps, and insomnia. Senior citizens, athletes, dancers, farmers, construction workers, and really anyone can benefit from the amazing healing properties of the BioMat. This miracle product makes use of electromagnetic energy to create a warmth that surrounds our muscles and joints to relieve pain on contact. This modern technology is crafted by highly skilled scientists and engineers that have undergone the most stringent tests and retests. BioMat and the BioMat Mini are FDA approved medical devices that you can bring almost anywhere with you!

Take the gift of healing with you everywhere 

And now, with the perfect travel size of the BioMat, you don’t have to leave home without it! With Valentine’s Day Coming up, the BioMat mini is the ideal gift for your loved one. The gift of healing and health is always appreciated. With the BioMat Mini, you get the powerful healing properties of two stones! Suitable for use in hospitals and urgent care clinics, the original BioMat the Biomat Mini is just what the doctor ordered! You can order your Biomat products online at the BioMat estore: www.thebiomatestore.com. You can also check out all of the other products while you’re there like the BioMat Belt, BioMat Pillow, and other incredible healing BioMat related products from BioMat distributor Richway. For pain relief 24/7, you’ll never want to leave home without the BioMat or BioMat Mini.