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7 Day Risk Free Trial

7 day risk free trial, if you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you can return it for a full purchase refund.

3 Year Limited Warranty

Richway provides a superb warranty package on all their products, plus a trade up option if you choose to upgrade your BioMat to a different model.

30 Year Repair Plan

Professional BioMat Package is great for Health Care Providers on the go as well as for the complete home health care package.

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The BioMat eStore is your trusted source to learn about Richways’ complimentary health products and secure website to purchase authentic Richway Amethyst and Tourmaline BioMat products and accessories through a registered Richway Representative, all from the convenience of your own home.

Amethyst Biomat Benefits

Learn about the Benefits of BioMat

We encourage you to learn more about all of Richways' natural healing products and discover how they can help you and the ones you love to be happy, healthy and free to live life to the fullest.

Life with a Biomat®

Your personal enjoyment and benefit of our products is what we value. You and your loved ones deserve it.

Biomat® Technology

For the past decade, we have been proud to offer the complete line of Richway and Fuji Bio health products.

Your Biomat 7000MX®

Our knowledgable team of authorized Richway International Representatives are available 7 days a week.

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The BioMat is both FDA and Health Canada Licensed as a class 11 type medical device Apply Here to see if you qualify for coverage under your Insurance Program
Discounts for Health Professionals, Military Personnel and First Responders.

Amethyst Biomat Benefits

New and Used BioMat Sales & Service

Free Shipping Now Available in Most Zip Codes!

The BioMat is an FDA registered class II type medical device and has been approved by Workers Compensation, Veterans Affairs and under other insurance company health plans.

All BioMat purchases made through this website include:

Biomat 7000MX

Only the NEWEST 7000mx upgraded models

Cotton Padded Cover

100% washable quilted cotton padded cover.


Superb warranty package on all products.

Unlimited Support

Unlimited customer and distributor support.

***The Mini and Professional size Biomats  also include
a hard shell travel/storage case.

Business Opportunities

Distributor business opportunity, customer referral and trial provider programs only offered with us.


Become a Distributor

Richway & Fuji Bio offers a diverse selection of fine merchandise at competitive prices. Independent Sales Associates (ISA) may earn a substantial sales commission from the Personal Business Volume of Richway & Fuji Bio products to the ultimate consumer.
Biomat Benefits

Richway Wavelength

Want to contribute to the magazine and highlight your business? Also join Richway’s directory so that prospective clients and customer’s can find you. A great way to advertise your valuable services and increase business! 
Richway Biomat Pillow


RichwayUSA BioMat e-store has developed a trial center program whereby our customers and representatives have an opportunity to provide demos to new customer referrals on a commission fee payout structure.
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Amethyst Biomat Benefits

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