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Richway BioMat Customer Care Program

Convenient Warranty Services To BioMat and BioBelt Users

Richway Care Program Policy. Get your BioMat replaced with the new customer care program. Do you have a problem with crystals falling out of your BioMat? Richway can repair your mat or offer a replacement for 30% purchase value.  The Richway care program is a new program intended to provide convenient warranty services to BioMat and BioBelt users. we understand that with long term use, products can take its wear and tear and can get damaged. Repacking and shipping a broken bio mat can be inconvenient and expensive to ship in for repaiar. The Richway care program makes it possible to provide the best service at a simple and affordable price
How to get your BioMat repaired or covered under the new Richway Care Plan. Richway offers a superb warranty and repair package on all new bio mat purchases
Richway BioMat Customer Care Program. A simple affordable solution for when you need a tops replacement because the crystals are falling out, to get a new BioMat at only 30% of original price.
The Richway care program is a new program intentended to provide convenient warranty service for your BioMat or BioBelt products. If the crystals are leaking from your bioMat, the Richway customer care program is for you.
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